Why a Private College Counselor?

Everyone knows about the Harvards, Stanfords and Berkeleys of the world. But, there are more than 4,000 colleges and universities in the United States. And, not all colleges are a good fit for all students. 

What about the UCs? Families wonder if their high-achieving students can get in, as admissions get more competitive each year.

An independent educational consultant answers these questions and more, and helps families of high school students determine what colleges they should apply to based on their academic, social, and financial needs.

Private counselors work closely and individually with each student to choose colleges based on the student’s career and academic goals, social and geographic fit, and the family’s financial aid needs. We are trained to help unlock the true college experience each student will thrive within, so that their college choice furthers their education, allows them a positive social experience, and they graduate on time with as little debt as possible.

In addition to building an individualized college list for each student, we recommend high school curriculum for early high schoolers eventually seeking admission to a highly selective university, extracurriculars, summer programs, standardized test scheduling, application strategies, and brainstorming, advice and support for students’ entrance entrance essays. 

A quality independent educational advisor will have completed a university level certificate program, and belong to one or more national college counseling organizations with professional ethical standards. 

At Journey Ahead, we do this work because we love helping young adults achieve their educational goals. Call 619-417-9242 for more information, or visit www.jacounselors.com.

Lisa Margolin