Recent College Admission Scam

As a college admissions consultant who helps families find best fit colleges for their student, and helps students present their best self in their application, I join nearly everyone who is appalled by the recent scandal in which wealthy parents cheated all kids (theirs included) out of fair college admissions.

All of the college admissions consultants I know do this job to help kids find colleges that will fit their educational and career goals, social needs, and the financial ramifications of an escalating college education. Working with students individually is a time consuming labor of love. It is not a high paying field. My peers and I typically add low-income and first-generation families to our rosters every year for free, in an effort to level the playing field for these students.

We do this job because we love our students and want to help them have a great experience in college — get the education they need to prepare for their chosen career, have a social experience they want, and do it affordably.

I got into this business because I noticed that too many families look upon their student’s transition from high school to college as all stress and no joy. In fact, this time in a family’s life cycle should be joyous, as they launch their student out of the nest and into their next step in life. I want to help create this experience for families, rather than the anxiety-filled one most families are expecting.

The vast majority of college admissions consultants are good people who have obtained certification, belong to one or more of three trade associations, and abide by the associations’ ethics and standards. Needless to say, the persons involved in the recent college admissions fraud are bad actors. They are not reflective of your typical college admissions advisor.

If you plan to hire someone to guide this process for your family, please make sure they have the credentials, experience, and ethics, as noted above. And know that we are here to support your family by extending to your child our love, hopes and dreams for their future.